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Why Choose Seamless Steel Siding?

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home is to install new siding.

You have made a substantial investment in the purchase of your home, so don’t choose just any siding. Choose siding that is long lasting and will help protect your home’s structure. Let the experienced professionals at Alaska Seamless Siding & Gutters help you choose just the right siding product for your home. As Alaskans we know the damage that Alaska’s cold weather climates can do to a home.

Homeowners have a wide variety of options available when they choose steel siding. Siding is also an investment in your home, but according to Remodeling Magazine’s “2010 Cost vs. Value Report,” you can expect to recover almost 80% of your expenditure upon resale. Preserve your home’s investment and protect its value with beautiful steel siding from Alaska Seamless Siding & Gutters.

When you drive by a house and it seems to have that extra special touch, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s likely that the house has seamless siding. Seamless siding means exactly as the name suggests: each piece fits exactly to the length that it was intended for.

This look is achieved by using a special machine and steel coil that is taken to the construction site, the coil is run through the machine to add the wood grain and profile, and each piece is cut to the proper length. Using 29-gauge steel, you’ll be protecting your house with a durable, long-lasting product.

Here are some benefits of Seamless Steel Siding:

  • Provides Superior Strength - As one of the most durable construction materials which barely expands and contracts as a result of temperature changes, steel siding will last longer because it does not rust, crack, blister, warp, chip, peel, sag, and is not easily dented. It is strong and sturdy so it can resist most kinds of damages better – from fungus, mildews, and molds; to small pests like ants, bugs, and termites; and harsh elements from extreme weather like wind, hail, sleet, and snow.
  • Cost Effective – Although stainless steel costs more than vinyl or other materials, it is balanced completely by the advantages it gives. First, since it lasts longer, replacement will not be needed for years to come (vinyl siding lasts around 30-40 years; steel can last 70 years to a lifetime). Second, there’s no additional cash out needed to maintain it. Third, it uses technology which lets it reflect sunlight instead of absorb it, and provides an insulating feature that helps regulate temperature inside your house, keeping it warmer during the winter, and cooler during the summer. This feature is particularly helpful in keeping your electricity bill down. Fourth, because it is fire resistant, you may be able to get homeowner’s insurance with lower premiums.
  • Doesn’t fade – Steel siding doesn’t fade like vinyl siding. Because of this, you have the option of more colors to choose from, along with darker colors.
  • Environmentally responsible – Because each piece of siding is cut to the exact length needed for installation, there is very little waste. If there is any waste, the steel is recyclable, making this a very green product indeed! At the end of the long useful lifetime Seamless Steel Siding is recyclable.
  • Energy efficient – Steel siding is coated with cool paint technology, which reflects radiant heat. This technology keeps your home cooler in the summer, helping you keep your energy consumption in check.
  • Fire Resistant – Another advantage of metal siding is that it is fire resistant. Even if a home is struck by lighting, a metal clad swelling is almost impervious to fire. This can be an advantage in high fire areas or areas prone to frequent lightning storms. Such protection might also translate into lower monthly home-owners insurance premiums, you can check with local homeowners insurance agents regarding any potential savings on premiums.
  • Lifetime warrantee – This durable product is guaranteed for life. If you think you might sell your home down the road, seamless steel siding will only increase the desirability of your home, as the warrantee is transferrable.
  • Flexible installation time – Seamless steel siding can be installed at any time in the year. Working with this product in a heated trailer helps, but steel doesn’t crack in the bitter cold like vinyl does.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free - no more painting or staining, and no caulk is needed to keep your siding sealed – it’s seamless!
  • No Points of Water Intrusion - Seamless Siding Means no points of entry for water intrusion which can cause damage to your homes wood exterior wall structure.
  • Eliminates Insect Problems – Metal is extremely unfriendly toward insects. Insect damage can be a problem with many home sidings, and the regular spraying which some siding require in order to repel insects can be costly over time. All insect problems are eliminated with metal siding.

Bennifits of Alaska Seamless Siding

  • Unlike many contractors, we own all the required equipment.
  • We offer 9 different profiles from the Vertical Board & Batten 6’’,8”,10” to Horizontal 6”,8”, & 10”, Double 4” & 5” Dutch.
  • 49 Colors Available

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